Revelation Daze is a Virtual Band, developed by Christian singers & songwriters Keith & Jenny Raby. Keith & Jenny are part of the team at St John's, and can be regularly found singing and playing out in St John's Square as part of our outreach programme, or occasionally the sung worship in our Sunday services.  Keith & Jenny are Associate Evangelists at St John's and area actively involved in many areas of evangelism and outreach. 

Revelation Daze seeks to bring the timeless message of the good news of Jesus Christ to a generation of people who have become accustomed to dynamic, high intensity audio visual presentation. With original songs written by Keith & Jenny accompanying engaging  animated video presentation, Revelation Daze is a perfect way to bring the Gospel message to those who may never have heard it.  You can get in touch via the contact form below for further details. To download their latest album, click here.

Jenny has been singing since the age of five. Since this she has had numerous TV appearances, lead roles, etc, and has been singing for a profession since the age of thirteen. When she left high school at the age of sixteen, she got involved with a Rock and Roll band, and unfortunately fell into many of the bad lifestyle choices that can go along with rock and roll.  

After many terrifying experiences, including a near death experience through substance abuse, she started asking serious questions about what happens after we die, and went over to a little Church where the Pastor prayed for her. 


Around this time, she prayed a simple prayer at the end of her bed, and asked "God if you're real, and Jesus really is your son, please would you show me"?  Sometime after this two people came into her life and told her about Jesus. ​One of those people was Keith Raby, who is now Jenny's husband and Gospel song writing partner. Jenny asked Jesus to forgive her and become her Saviour when she was twenty five years of age, and she is now a fully committed Christian living to sing/ tell others of God's Amazing Grace.


Keith pretty much fitted three lifes into one by the time he was forty.

He burned the candle at both ends and in the middle. From being in the British army to unwittingly being involved (via owning a large restaurant) in money laundering. Being bankrupt along with two failed marriages, a career in music/ writing for TV and live work, and also a landscape gardener, a heavy drinker and party animal, but it was as a failed salesman and becoming homeless that he first cried out to God. 


 All his life he was trying to fill a God shaped hole only Jesus could fill. Today he is a fully committed Christian, and has finally found full contentment and peace in His Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Nothing now brings him more joy than to write Gospel songs with Jenny that express their love and gratitude to Jesus for rescuing and transforming their lives.

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