Our Vision -

'...'Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty.​'

(Zechariah 4:6b - Holy Bible New International Version)

The church leadership have agreed and are working on the following 5 priorities between 2018 -2021:

1. To invest in children & young families work:


What we've done:

- See members of Chill Zone regularly attending worship
- See school being involved in All-age services on a regular basis
- Obtain funding for and recruit a Children & Families Pastor
- Develop our ‘Beach Life’ summer kids’ mission

What we're going to do:

-Consolidate existing areas of growth and ministry including new branding and curriculum for children’s work at St John’s
- Develop a weekly toddler group in church
- Midweek after school family worship service planted into St John’s School
- Create contingencies for growth of this area of ministry (ie develop more space in building)  

2. To invest in young people's work:

What we've done:

- Run Youth Alpha and developed regular, weekly youth provision in church
- Partnered with new Pais Blackpool team to bring F/T youth & schools
apprentice into the church

What we're going to do:

- Consolidate existing areas of growth and ministry
- Establish regular pattern of attending youth camps
-  Provide consistency of leadership with youth ministry and
 bridge the gap between what has happened so far what will happen into the future. 
- See young people regularly engaged in contributing to worship
- Create contingencies for growth of this area of ministry (ie develop more space in building)

- Develop a group regularly taking place to provide a bridge between Sunday youth/ worship services and midweek schools work/ ‘the outside’ for unchurched young people

- Develop an accessible, alternative expression of worship for the 21st century 

- See young people with leadership gifting identified and being mentored
and given opportunities for leadership
- See a wider team of youth leaders equipped and trained


3. To ‘turn ourselves inside out’:

What we've done:

- Ended our Sunday worship services outside church during summer, weather permitting
- Welcomed the CLC Bookshop into church, so that the building is now open 7 days a week. 

- Created a new, more dynamic website
- Developed a new logo and external signage 

- Developed evangelism & outreach outside church, with Keith & Jenny Raby

What we're going to do:

- Consolidate existing areas of growth and ministry
- Hold an annual open-air Baptism service with other churches
- Identify & train someone to manage website and social media
- Exploit 3 main channels of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
- Develop ‘Café’ in church to be able to welcome people off the streets – and have a listening service available. We will explore possibilities of whether this can operate as a social enterprise providing work to long term unemployed and ex-offenders

- Once established, develop the café as a community hub – acting as a platform for other services. 

- Develop a team will build to support the chaplaincy teams in prisons the work of Keith & Jenny

4. To grow as a family:

What we've done:

- Begun a ladies’ social night to run alongside our regular men’s night

- Developed our leadership of Time for Tea
- Increased the number of small groups by developing our Discovery Groups

What we're going to do:

- Consolidate our existing areas of growth and ministry 
- Ensure prayer is running through all that we do
- Continue investing in new leadership for new areas of ministry
- Encourage healthy intergenerational relationships.

- Continue to increase the number of Discovery Groups meeting regularly
- Have regular Alpha courses which either establish new home groups or feed into existing ones, as appropriate
- Grow Time for Tea team to ensure it is sustainable long term

5. To be financially sustainable, by:

 I. Set out a 3-year budget by end of 2018

II. Regular teaching on giving

III. Annual stewardship (giving of our time and talents) campaigns.

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